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Chiropractic Massage Roller Traction Table ATT-300

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ATT-300 Intersegmental Traction & Roller Massage Table is a compelling chiropractic pre-adjustment and spinal mobilization tool. Patients love it in the office and often want to take one home once they experience the amazing benefits. Besides separating spinal vertebrae with massage and intersegmental traction, the 4 large, therapeutic rollers simultaneously relax muscle spasms and soothe trigger points. An onboard vibratory massage feature offers additional relaxing therapeutic value.

Upholstered in beautiful synthetic leather over plush foam the ATT 300 frame and functional components are manufactured by PHS Chiropractic (utilizing Pivotal Health Solutions' high quality components and dependable engineering).

PLAY VIDEO: PHS ATT-300 Setup and Overview

Functional Features of the PHS ATT-300
  • Adjustable Massage Roller height/pressure to customize to user's tolerance(up to 4 inches of vertical adjustment
  • 3 Settings For Roller Movement: 1st- pure horizontal movement up and down spine; 2nd- combo of horizontal movement with roller rack also rotating in elliptical pattern creating cephalad traction(toward head); 3rd- combo of horizontal movement with roller rack rotating in elliptical pattern creating caudal traction(toward feet)
  • Controls and Adjustments are onboard and on the side of the table(no remote control necessary).
  • Offers full spine travel OR spot focused treatment
  • LED lit diagram advises therapist of settings & region being massaged
  • Featuring on/off vibratory massage function
  • 1-30 minute timer
Additional Features
  • Automatic Roller Retraction: at end of treatment, rollers retract for user comfort
  • ATT-300 model size/weight:
    72" L, 22" W, 25" H / 300 lbs.(unpacked)
    May choose optional 25" W upgrade
    90" L, 32" W, 42" H / 350 lbs.(cartoned)
  • Table Purchase Includes: knee bolster and cervical neck pillow(both black color), but please note that ones shown in the table images are no longer the included versions.
  • OPTIONAL: 25"W top vs. standard 22" wide top
  • OPTIONAL: wooden cabinet(oak or maple); includes upgrade to 25"W upholstered top
  • WARRANTY: 1-year warranty on all table components;
    not inclusive of labor. 100% made in the USA

Biomechanics and Physio Therapeutics of Intersegmental Traction (copyrighted abstract from the back pain and wellness blog of Dr. Brad Lustick)

Intersegmental traction is not "traction" in the familiar sense. Conventional spinal traction, as known to most doctors and patients offers a longitudinal(stretching) force applied to either the cervical or lumbar spine via attachment of a pulling apparatus from either the head or pelvis. Longitudinal traction or decompression substantially ignores the thoracic spine. On the contrary, intersegmental traction may more appropriately be termed "passive spinal mobilization". In practice, this therapy is applied with the user lying supine. Contiguous vertebral segments are sequentially lifted into extension by a dorsal to ventral force(i.e. back to front) applied by elliptical rolling massage action that is continuously moving up and down the torso on a track. Such therapeutic, segmental spinal joint extension serves to both increase mobility, as well as to counteract the fatigue and stress that builds from, sitting, bending forward, and gravitational forces that are common to work environments and daily routines. These predominantly flexion and forward bending positions.
In addition, the movement of the rollers attempts to separate individual spinal segments(aka:vertebrae)

Therapeutic Effects/benefits of InterSegmental Traction & Spinal Mobilization
  1. Creates Centripetal forces(meaning: toward center) or forms negative pressure inside the spinal discs. This reduces disc bulging and/or herniation.
  2. Cyriax demonstrates muscle relaxation, verified by EMG and it appears to break spasms in deep muscles like rotatores and multifidi
  3. Passive mobilization of the facet joints, also known as the weight bearing joints between vertebrae.
  4. Hydraulic pumping of fluid and nutrients to and from the cartilage cells of the spinal disks
Indications for Use of Intersegmental
  • Lumbar facet (posterior joint) syndrome
  • Scoliosis, Hyperkyphosis and/or anterior posture syndromes
  • Stress and tension
  • General joint stiffness or hypomobility
  • Resolving nerve root compression syndromes
  • Herniated or protruded discs (see contraindications notes below)
  • Anklosing Spondylitis (Marie Strumpell Syndrome)
  • Retrolisthesis
  • Osteoarthritis or degenerative spondylosis
  • Muscular spasm
  • General spinal maintenance

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Chiropractic Massage Roller Traction Table ATT-300
Choose Premium Vinyl Color
Blue Ridge
Imperial Blue
Choose Optional Table Upgrades Show Option Details
25" Wide Top
 $249.00 Upgrade Reverse Side Controls
 $254.00 Upgrade
Maple Cabinet/includes 25" Top
 $546.00 Upgrade Oak Cabinet/includes 25" Top
 $546.00 Upgrade
  Quantity: $3153.00 each
List Price: $3504.00

PHS Pivotal Health Systems Authorized Dealer
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Answers to Typical Shopping Questions

Product Notes:
  1. att-300 - Chiropractic Massage Roller Traction Table ATT-300

    -Infection or malignancies affecting the spinal vertebrae or contiguous tissues
    -Anterior spondylolisthesis
    -Acute Lumbar Disc Syndrome with disk rupture, extrusion and/or severe active nerve root compression
    -Severe Lower back pain consistent with a forward leaning posture to attain pain relief (may consider substituting conventional longitudinal force lumbar traction)
    -Acute spinal fractures or known severe spinal instability/hypermobility
    -Acute rib fractures or dislocations
    -Chemical radiculopathy or radiculitis
    -Severe osteoporosis

    SHIPPING/DELIVERY: PHS ATT-300 tables are carefully built to order in the USA; and the current production time is now approximately 3-4 weeks. When shipped, the freight carrier should call to schedule an appointment window. Because the ATT-300 is custom made to order, and table production begins immediately, credit card transactions will be processed when you place your order. Order cancellations must occur within 72 hours of placing the order to avoid a 20% restocking fee. Delivery is only guaranteed to curbside and may sometimes require customer assistance to help the driver. We routinely recommend that you as the customer and perhaps a friend or co-worker as an assistant, remove the table carton outside. Once the carton is removed, the table is on casters; making it fairly easy to guide the table inside on a ground floor. We find this to be the best case scenario for receiving delivery of this table. Driver is not required to help, although 'tipping' may sometimes encourage such. PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE MIGHT BE RARE CASES OF PARTICULARLY DIFFICULT OR REMOTE DELIVERIES WHEREBY THERE COULD BE A POSSIBLE ADDITIONAL DELIVERY CHARGE NECESSARY. IN THESE RARE CASES, WE WILL CONTACT OUR CUSTOMER WITHIN 24-72 HOURS OF ORDERING TO DISCUSS POSSIBLE ARRANGEMENTS. THESE SITUATIONS CAN ARISE FOR ANY OF THE FOLLOWING REASONS: (1) OUTLYING OR REMOTE DELIVERY POINT, (2) DIFFICULT OR IMPOSSIBLE PARKING OR APPROACH FOR AN 18-WHEELER, (3) CERTAIN AREAS IN THE FOLLOWING METROPOLITAN AREAS--SAN FRANCISCO, LOS ANGELES, SEATTLE, CHICAGO, PHILADEPHIA, MIAMI OR NEW YORK CITY.

    Prior to shipment, customer may request optional, inside delivery service meaning that the driver will HELP YOU bring the table (without unpacking) to a point inside on a ground floor. For insurance reasons and health concerns, the driver is not allowed to unpack the table. However, the driver will help access higher floors assuming an elevator of sufficient size is available to do such. Please note the size of the crated table to be 90 in. L, 32 in.; W, 42 in. H / 350 lbs. and be sure to pre-determine the building layout, hallways, elevator, etc. are sufficient in size to accommodate prior to ordering. If you are receiving the table yourself, please note the uncartoned size of the table to be: 72 in. L x 22 in. W x 25 in. H, weighing 300 lbs. Please note that the inside delivery option as specified above will be an additional fee that must be quoted. You may request such in your comments section during online checkout. Customer is responsible for carton disposal.

    RETURN POLICY: These tables are custom made to order do not qualify for return under our standard 30 day return policy unless delivered damaged and noted at the time of delivery. We will entertain the possibility of a return only on a case by case basis and such would generally require a 15% restocking fee and additional costs for freight both outbound and return actual freight cost, in spite of the fact that the original outbound freight is generally offered at a highly discounted rate. If there is any possibility you might want to return the table, please make sure and keep the carton used for the delivery.

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