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Back Be Nimble Gift Certificates
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** Please be sure to enter the correct e-mail address for the recipient below. We ask for the address to be entered twice for verification purposes. Be aware that the e-mail address entered on this form will receive notice and access information required for using the gift certificate after it is activated. Gift certificates are not activated until after payment has been received and processed. Once they are activated, both purchaser and recipient are notified of the activation.
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Answers to Typical Shopping Questions

  • Gift certificates for beds, gift certificates for Nimblepedic memory foam mattresses (compare to Tempurpedic mattresses), gift certificates for office chairs or gift certificates for purchase of over 1000 self care items.

  • Recipients may use their gift certificates with the ease of a credit card purchase for online shopping.

  • Gift certificates are redeemed in a secure manner via our secure online shopping cart.

  • Redemptions may be combined (summed) with other methods of payment, if necessary, to complete an online purchase.

  • Unused certificate balances are maintained securely in our database and remain available for future online transactions for a period of one year from the date the certificate was purchased.

  • Although not necessary for redemption, you can print a hard copy of your gift certificate with the original value. This can be done anytime. by clicking here.

  • When using your gift certificate for a purchase online, you will be asked to provide us with the recipient name and secure, unique certificate I.D. (assigned when the certificate is activated).

  • Certificates may be redeemed in person at the Back Be Nimble showroom.

  • Lost Certificates may be replaced or re-issued under another I.D. number. Please contact Back Be Nimble by telephone in this situation.

To order a gift certificate for someone, simply fill out the information below and add the gift certificate to your shopping cart. After checkout and payment processing, the recipient will receive their certificate and instructions via e-mail.

Product Notes:
  1. gcert - BBN Gift Certificate

    Gift Certificates will become active upon successful processing of your credit card, or upon receipt and bank clearance of your check. Gift Certificates paid for with another certificate will be activated upon invoice review. Gift certificates balances are maintained in our database for a period of one year from date of purchase, after which time they expire and are no longer valid.

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Back Be Nimble BBB Business Review
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